Duane R. Lortie

Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) Developer

Some of the things I'm pretty good at.
  • Website migration, aka moving your website from one server to another.
  • Converting Photoshop PSD files to WordPress themes.
  • Converting static HTML websites to WordPress.
  • Hardware and software troubleshooting.
  • Customer service and technical support, with a focus on Internet & office / Intranet connectivity, software and related technologies.
  • Linux web server monitoring, maintenance and management.
  • Content / article writing.
  • SEO / Conversion consultant.

    More about me and my past accomplishments.
  • Experienced in a variety of Unix/Linux environments with emphasis on Debian, Red Hat Enterprise & Fedora Core and more recently CentOS & WHM dedicated server managment running MySQL 3 -5, PHP 3 - 5 and Apache 1.x - 2.x.
  • Adept at creating niche programs in BASH, PERL and PHP and bridging routines that transform data from various sources and in different formats into a homogeneous MySQL data set.
  • 5 years+ help desk & end user customer service experience, and supervised a tech support call center for 2 of those years.
  • Integral contributor to doubling the sales, from 3.5 million, to 7+million, in a 4 year period. The company is now a fortune 500 company, and has consistently ranked within top 50 fastest growing companies in Oregon for the past 3 years.
  • Hands on experience configuring, maintaining and customizing web servers running Apache for approximately 50 domains.
  • Adept at raw log analysis as well as tools such as Google Analytics & Urchin to assist in improving conversion and overall web site exposure.
  • Demonstrated abilities in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, obtaining and retaining search engine results within top 5 on Google.com for highly competitive keywords.
  • Outstanding work ethic.

Some things I'm not good at or simply don't like
  • Weak coffee
  • Windows Server
  • Being referred to by my employee ID#
  • MacOS (I'd still like to learn it though.)

Core Skills

  • BASH, Perl and PHP w/MySQL
  • Data manipulation such as XML or Excel to MySQL
  • Create custom web crawlers to collect data from remote sources, aka data mining.
  • Tech support and customer service via phone and email.
  • Sendmail and numerous other services typically found on Linux
  • Apache 1.x & 2.x using mod-rewrite methodology
  • Unix/Linux user account and system security & maintenance.
  • Monitor and archive system performance data via SNMP and MRTG
  • Adept at customizing open source code to meet specific needs.
  • Knowledgeable of search engine optimization methods to improve exposure of dynamically created web sites.

Employment History

•Promopeddler Inc :: Sherwood Oregon :: 2003 - 2007
Systems Administrator / Programmer
Initially hired to do data entry, I wrote routines on my own time to retrieve and parse data automatically, effectively increasing data entry rate and accuracy by over one thousand percent. Later adapted initial routines to automatically maintain data freshness and integrity for a 300,000+ product catalog. Also managed a 4 person development team in conversion of proprietary catalog routines to an extremely customized version of OSCommerce as well as monitored servers nearly 24/7, responding to hardware and connectivity issues as well as blocking attempts to exploit the web server, or harvest it's data without consent.

•Teleport Internet Services :: Portland Oregon :: 1996 - 2001
Technical Support Representative, Call Center Lead Tech, Call Center Manager, Systems Administrator
Initially hired as a technical support representative, quickly worked my way to lead tech, then initiated swing shift, and later night shift to provide technical support for 60,000+ customers, for what was then the Pacific Northwest's largest private Internet service provider. During my last year there I was moved to the engineering department where I managed 6 mail servers running Qmail on Solaris, and managed emails sent to abuse@ I also instructed new hires on the use of in house tools based on PERL and BASH as well as general Linux navigation and day to day usage. Eventually the company was bought by Earth link, where I had the option to re-locate, or be severed. I chose to stay in the Portland area and focus on freelance work.

•Stream International :: Beaverton Oregon :: 1993 - 1996
Technical Support Representative
Initially hired to provide technical support for Netscape Navigator 1.x I also took on the task of reformatting/converting internal procedural documents to a more accessible format, eg; from Microsoft Word and hard copy to HTML. I then helped to create a departmental intra-net for quicker access to technical documentation, effectively decreasing call times for the department. I continued supporting Netscape up to version 3.22 and was then moved to support Gateway computers. I eventually left the position due to the lengthy daily commutes.

•Self Employed :: 1996 - Present
Freelance PHP/MySQL Coder, SEO consultant.
A wide variety of small to medium sized projects, such as improving a web sites spider-ability, writing routines for the dynamic generation of XML site maps. I've written several complete sites, many related to the Real Estate industry. These days it is usually more cost effective to convert start up websites to use WordPress, which often puts me out of a job, since it makes maintaining and expanding a website comparatively simple to how it used to be. I've also customized numerous open source packages such as OSCommerce, Joomla / Mambo, WordPress, SMF forum, and a link directory script called Dew-NewPHPlinks, which I maintain. I can also take on the role of a systems administrator, maintaining and securing Linux based web servers running Centos & WHM / Cpanel.


Other hobbies and interests

Writing and performing music, gardening and cooking.

I also maintain a few blogs on various topics of interest..

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Duane aka Dewed